Gather here to experience exceptional moments. 

The Little Daisy is an exclusive historic property and experience tucked into the hillside town of Jerome, Arizona.

Offering three distinct yet kindred properties, The Little Daisy offers a custom 21st century experience set in bygone era charm. Quirky, charming and inviting, she is ready to welcome you into her arches and nooks as you celebrate, retreat or simply explore.

An inspiration herself, The Little Daisy is a remedy for the mundane: a place that meets the human need to experience beauty in body, mind, spirit and environment.

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The Little Daisy breathes dreams and visions into existence. Fed by magical moments, guests enter under her arches, walk her rambling hallways and can customize curated experiences designed specifically for their occasion. All the while, The Little Daisy enchants, charms and indulges. 

The Little Daisy, Home, The Little Daisy
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The Little Daisy, Home, The Little Daisy

She offers a Remedy for the Mundane

We all share a common human need to experience beauty in body, mind, spirit, environment and activity.

  • Remedies for the mundane fight the fatigue that comes from handling the continual practical details of everyday life.

  • Remedies for the mundane include adventure-rich travels, experiences, and making deeper connections with oneself and others.

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