Here, bold and mighty forces abound.

She is The Little Daisy, an exclusive historic property and travel experience tucked into the hillside town of Jerome, Arizona.

While The Little Daisy was originally built in 1918 and lovingly restored over 12 years at the turn of the century, her spirit is timeless and majestic.

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The Little Daisy Team, Who We Are, The Little Daisy

Guests welcomed into The Little Daisy enjoy a custom 21st century experience set in bygone era charm. Heartened by the best views in the state of Arizona, guests are encouraged to explore the property, meet the locals of the town of Jerome and dare to view the world with fresh eyes. Fed by magical moments, guests are immersed in curated experiences designed specifically for their occasion.

Making the most of the rare beauty of this grand property, and the sweeping views of the Verde Valley, The Little Daisy welcomes visionary explorers who find their way to her. 

The Little Daisy herself is a remedy for the mundane: a place that meets the human need to experience beauty in body, mind, spirit and environment.


Guests leave stimulated and sparked at every level: spiritually, emotionally, creatively. 

They depart with a visually stunning and rare experience they can share with the world. 

As they travel on, they carry with them a renewed connection to themselves and to those they share their visit with. 

Come visit the most memorable of spaces, full of surprising joy.

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The Little Daisy is lovely, but she’d be adrift without her people.

Meet Our Team


I find inspiration in… 

the quiet of nature. The forest, the desert, places of expanse yet quietness. I like to be in motion also. So hiking, biking, anything physical, while being in these places. It centers me and brings me into the present.

In The Little Daisy, you can find me in…

the north, western most upper level patio area. I love the expansive view and being able to see far and wide.


I find inspiration in… 

the weirdest spaces. I see it in the space between two people freshly in love. I see it in the way plants grow and how they are designed so perfectly. I feel it when the bass line harmonizes with the guitar. And, from the feeling you get when you give and receive a compliment.

In The Little Daisy, you can find me in…

the rooftop garden. I usually count all my blessings there. It makes me dream a huge dream. You can have a vision and also see for 200 miles up there. Pure Magic.


I find inspiration in… 

searching within myself. I love and respect the natural world, insects, and animals. I feel most alive through my love of spiritual work and sharing my journey with others. I find inspiration in challenges and pushing myself and working with a good group, like the group at the Daisy that I love so much.

In The Little Daisy, you can find me in…

on the roof. I love the views up there as well as the upstairs living area of Villa Contenta. Both are amazing.


I find inspiration in… 

The way a curtain blows in the wind, dappled sunlight, circular shadows that fall on the ground. The colors found in the sky, the clouds, water. The voices in my head at 3 am. I’m a hyper creative person; I cannot NOT see inspiration.

In The Little Daisy, you can find me in…

On the north point of the roof to enjoy the expansiveness of where we live. Or, in the kitchen because every kitchen is the hub of giving love and service to others. I love to create meals there and gather and toast to our abundant lives.


I find inspiration in… 

Music. I constantly have it going when I’m working, cooking, or doing independent work. One of the best feelings is when you discover a new favorite song or artist and get to take it in for the first time.

In The Little Daisy, you can find me in…

in the Artrium. It’s an art studio with large windows, bold pops of color, an easel and paints. I love that there is a whole space inviting people to explore their creative side. It’s also a great place to sit and read a book or have your morning coffee.